We positively save food™


SoFresh™, Inc. is deeply aware and concerned about food spoilage in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Our team is dedicated to fighting food waste as we grow and expand the company.

Our products will allow food producers, food wholesalers and food retailers to lengthen the travel life and overall shelf life of food. This is done with natural, organic products that have no smell or taste or residue. Food will last longer without requiring refrigeration therefore saving our clients or partners money.

We positively save food™.

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Toby Thomas

President, CEO & Founder

Toby has 30 years of food packaging experience focused in research, new products and business development at Pactiv (Formerly Mobil Oil). With over 40 patents, Toby has utilized food packaging innovations to develop new branded products including Hefty OneZip and Presto Products’ Slide-Rite with sales of $300 M annually. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Madison and Texas A&M University, Toby’s skills include process, automation, active packaging and product development with additional corporate roles in capital and business planning, intellectual property, operations management and product pricing for several divisions of Pactiv. Currently serving on 3 local boards with area clubs & schools. Toby has volunteered with National Ski Patrol for 23 years.

Bill Belias

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Bill has 31 years of experience in technology development within the plastics industry and engages with multinational CPG’s to develop new products and materials for packaging and product enhancement. Bill previously managed for Pactiv (Formerly Mobil Oil) as corporate new business development exploring new markets for the packaging business. He has held various roles throughout his career such as process engineer and sales. Bill is known by his colleagues as being inventive (21 patents) and establishing networks to facilitate new product development. He has expertise in raw materials development, converting processes, microbiology and shelf life extension. Bill has a Chemical Engineering degree from Case Western. Currently serves on several Boards and advises startups on business development and strategy.