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We positively save food
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Platinum Winner – Recognizing packaging that demonstrates excellence in:

  • Technological Advancement
  • Sustainable & Responsible
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • SoFresh™ is a breakthrough technology that wraps food in an atmosphere of food grade vapor that inhibits mold growth, extending shelf life and consumption time
  • Our packaging provides 2 weeks of natural shelf life extension
  • SoFresh™ was created by a team with over 90 years of packaging experience on the world’s largest brands

What Would You Do With An Extra 2 Weeks Of Shelf Life?

Improve My Bottom Line

Clean Up My Recipes

Expand Distribution

Increased Sustainability


Make sustainability your competitive advantage

Industries We Serve

Bread and Bakery

The fresh baked goods market represents nearly $500 billion in sales worldwide. SoFresh™ technology is working with leading bakeries to:

  • Reduce shrink and spoils
  • Expand distribution
  • Clean up recipes by eliminating preservatives
  • Build bigger, more impactful in-store displays

Dairy and Cheese

The North American market for sliced and shredded natural cheese is 2.2 billion units annually.

    • Replaces high barrier sealant film used in sliced and shredded cheeses
    • Eliminates the need for expensive and increasingly consumer-rejected preservatives

    Berries and Produce

    The US fruit and vegetable market was valued at over $62 Billion in 2021 and is forecasted to continue to grow as consumers search out fresh options.

      • Provides significant mold inhibiting shelf-life
      • Adds 4 additional days of consumption time

      Bulk Ingredients

        • SoFresh™ packaging technology can be infused into any bulk packaging from plastic pails to pallet wraps
        • This is just the beginning!

        Curious how we can work for you?