What is SoFresh™ building for tomorrow?

Our team imagines a world where:

  • The immense 40% of food wasted every year reduced by innovations like SoFresh™ to less than 10%.
  • Food distribution can be expanded so more people can consume nutritious preservative-free foods positively effecting health and welfare for everyone.

What if:

  • Preservatives and dough conditioners are no longer needed to inhibit mold and keep moisture inside the bread during cold storage.
  • Keeping foods from developing mold does not require cold chain distribution and the energy and green-house gas to maintain low temperatures.
  • Consumer’s desire for clean label products grow your market contributing to both top line sales and revenue.
  • The food waste benefits above actually lower food prices over the long term for consumers.

Our tomorrow entails understanding the Science of Fresh™ food, innovative solutions for reducing waste and delivering beneficial commercial products for food producers.