What is the status of the company today?

From May 2018 to March 2019, the company was established, business strategy developed, funding raised, and development started.

In June 2019, our development work produced several SoFresh™ film materials providing 5 days to up to 30 days of extended shelf-life for bakery products. On-going trials continue to highlight the benefits of our SoFresh™ technology for food producers, distributors, retailers and ultimately the consumers with fresher and more nutritious foods that last through full consumption.

Commercial film processes, bakery reformulations and customer market tests fill our fall schedule. Our team’s efforts will focus expanding production and growing the premium bread packaging where high value clean label products benefit greatly from increased shelf-life, product reach and market growth.

Our team invests in our future with continued development of SoFresh™ materials in 4Q2019 for expanding our market opportunities to shredded cheese laminations and fresh berry packaging.

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