SoFresh Inc.™ has developed a breakthrough technology solution that wraps food in an atmosphere of food grade vapor inhibiting mold growth that extends food travel life, shelf life and consumption time.

There are over 2500 species of airborne mold turning food into waste every day. SoFresh manufactures a film container or covering that contains just the right amount of organic natural ingredients to enhance nature’s protection against mold.

SoFresh discovered methods to infuse food grade natural extracts into  film or containers that emit controlled active vapor inside a food package. The mold spores absorb the vapor which slows down their metabolism to the point where it is difficult for them to thrive.

Since the vapor is a food extract it is safe for humans. It has been tested successfully on many foods such as bread, cheese and berries and it imparts no new scents or flavors.

There are numerous advantages to this technology including reduction of logistics costs, increased reach of distribution, healthier ingredient and cleaner labeling and ultimately a significant reduction in food waste. The shelf life extension can be tailored to the type of food and desires of the food manufacturer from hours to days.

The film technology is designed to not disturb the manufacturing or packaging process and does not require new capital expenditures since it is formulated to fit within the food producer’s current process.

SoFresh is dedicated to fighting world food waste. The mission is simply stated – “We positively save food.”