Food spoilage and waste is a huge global problem. SoFresh and its unique new packaging products can do something about food spoilage which is a portion of all food waste.

Facts: Estimated total value of food loss at retail and with consumers in the United States is $36.1 billion for grain products, $37.1 billion for fresh fruits and $75.1 billion for dairy products not including milk. Mold is a primary cause of food waste for high moisture foods like bread, baked goods, natural cheese and fresh berries. Food manufacturers and distributors combat this problem with food preservatives, costly packaging and energy intensive refrigeration.

Solution: SoFresh offers a compelling, cost effective, product enhancing method to mitigate or delay food spoilage. SoFresh has developed mold inhibiting packaging materials that work with existing food packaging methods. SoFresh packaging contains and emits a miniscule amount of organic vapor that binds to naturally occurring mold present on the surface of food inhibiting mold growth for several days.

Backup: Research to identify the best mold inhibitor was conducted by the passionate co-founders in conjunction with known food science Universities and the USDA. The active ingredient is an FDA approved food ingredient engineered to be available for unsuspecting mold spores residing on food consumed every day.

Proof: See demonstrations with time-lapse video comparison of mold inhibition using SoFresh patented packaging products.

Bottom Line: SoFresh mold inhibiting products delay mold colonies from forming on the surface of food maintaining food quality, reducing the need for food preservatives, extending shelf life and enabling greater food consumption with less food waste.