Frequently Asked Questions

Developed by SoFresh, Inc. this is a new packaging substrate that can be tailored into multiple formats used to wrap and contain fresh food. It slowly releases natural plant derived concentrates that have been used for centuries to give aroma and flavor to food.  Because of the low concentrations needed to be effective, humans cannot detect these natural extracts but they are great inhibitors to mold.

Although the natural plant extracts are effective, it was difficult to infuse them into packaging materials without destroying them. SoFresh has discovered methods to infuse these ingredients into film and control the release once food is packaged with SoFresh film.

The natural plant extracts have been tested on many fresh foods and we are methodically introducing them on baked goods, cheese and berries since these foods experience major losses.

The natural plant extracts in a vapor state have the ability to reach the mold spores that do not touch the packaging surface. The mold spores easily absorb the vapor which slows down their metabolism to the point where it is difficult for them to thrive. This was nature’s way to keep plants thriving and protecting them from being attacked by mold.
All the ingredients we use are plant derived natural extracts from foods you eat every day.
The film substrates are manufactured by safely combining inert polymers with natural plant extracts with minor changes to standard film manufacturing methods.
SoFresh experts have worked with the FDA and independent laboratories to test and assure the safety of adding approved food extracts to these packaging materials.
Aside from bread, cheese and berries, we will be testing the technology on various vegetables and fruits, dried meats and other low moisture food that spoil easily by mold.