Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin – August 14, 2019

SoFresh, Inc., incorporated in Delaware and operating from its home in Wisconsin, is deeply aware and concerned about food spoilage in the U.S. and the world. The highly experienced team is dedicated to fighting food waste as they launch and grow the company.

The patent pending coverings and container products, named SoFresh, allows food producers, food wholesalers and food retailers to lengthen the travel life and overall shelf life of food. This is accomplished with natural, organic products that have no smell or taste or residue. Food will last longer without requiring refrigeration therefore saving clients money.

To begin with, the SoFresh coverings will be applied to the bread packaging. So Fresh packaging allows large savings in cold chain distribution costs by alleviating the need to freeze bread until of sale to suppress mold growth on premium breads. Food quality will be enhanced by reducing unwanted preservatives, conditioners and extenders. Similar savings will take place for the cheese and berry industry.

Over the past 30 years, universities, government research agencies and companies have focused efforts on extending shelf-life of food using natural antimicrobials and technologies to dispense these materials inhibiting growth of bacteria and mold. These solutions reduce food waste in all parts of the food chain.

SoFresh takes these efforts to the next level. SoFresh has isolated the optimum anti-microbial solutions and discovered a way to dispense them through packaging film in a consistent way without disturbing the current process flow of manufacturing and distribution of targeted food products.

SoFresh can be integrated into the current manufacturing process of foods with no additional capital cost required by the manufacturers; they simple order a new material that is integrated into their current manufacturing line and can instantly see the cost savings and product enhancing benefits.

The product aligns itself with two strong consumer desires and societal trends – clean label products and minimizing food waste.

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SoFresh, Inc. – The initial patent pending product, named SoFresh, will allow food to extend travel time and overall shelf life without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. The food coverings and containers use only natural, organic products that have no smell, taste or residue. The mission: “We Positively Save Food.”. Contact: Toby R. Thomas CEO, 5411 88thStreet, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, 53158, (262)705-0663 –